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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Canoe Features: Basic  Premium Organizations and Educators
Introductory Lessons Yes Yes Yes
Themed Lessons with sentences Yes
1 example lesson 
Color It Out
200 core words
1,000+ words
1,000+ words
Training videos Yes Yes Yes
Today’s Plan
(personalized daily recommendations)
Yes Yes
Sort It Out
Yes Yes
Blue Canoe Dictionary Yes Yes
Teacher’s dashboard Yes
Free live webinars for teachers Yes
Who is it intended for? Anyone
  • Anyone 
  • Students purchasing their own subscription
  • Schools, teachers, and their students
  • Companies and their employees
  • Organizations and their stakeholders (nonprofit grant available)
What is the FREE Classroom Program? N/A N/A Free for classrooms in middle schools, high schools, universities and nonprofits. Contact partners@bluecanoelearning.com for information.
How to access App Store or Google Play App Store or Google Play Part of a business agreement with Blue Canoe 

We are delighted to provide a free evaluation subscription of our Group product to teachers, with full access to all of our features. To ask for this, please complete the Contact Us form, using your email address from your school.

(Note: If you want a free evaluation subscription, please do not sign up for the Individual app via the App Store with your school email address.)

Absolutely! Please share the information with everyone you think could benefit from it!

Yes. We have two ways.

    1. Referral Program. We can provide you with a special URL that you can share with your students and community. When students upgrade to Individual – Premium, you will receive a part of the payment. Please contact us for more details.
    2. Group Purchases. If you are interested in the Blue Canoe Group product, you can purchase subscriptions and then sell them to your students.

We are committed to providing the highest quality ongoing professional development to our community of teachers, in partnership with Color Vowel. Please bookmark the following: