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We can help your students and employees speak English with confidence and clarity.

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Add Blue Canoe to any English language program

Most students–and most programs–focus on vocabulary, grammar, and reading. Blue Canoe fills the gap by helping teachers make learning pronunciation an integrated part of the program, and giving students an effective way to practice every day.

Benefits for Schools

Partner with us to improve your students’ clarity and confidence in speaking English.

• For students in pronunciation and all ESL classes
• Improve student outcomes
• Engaging and effective daily practice
• Easy for distance learning
• Dashboard for teachers to track student progress
• Great support and professional development for teachers

Benefits for English-language training companies

Partner with us to improve your students’ ability to speak clearly. We can customize the content to fit your curriculum.

  • Sell new courses for new revenue
  • Shine with revolutionary AI technology
  • Improve learner success
  • Track learner progress with Dashboard
  • Improve and retain teachers with powerful training courses

Benefits for businesses

Work with us to help your employees speak more effectively with customers and colleagues, focusing on the vocabulary they use most often.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve response times
  • Encourage team sharing of ideas
  • Increase employee loyalty



I’m delighted that we have offered Blue Canoe to our non-native English speaking employees. They are learning, improving their spoken English, and increasing their confidence, and all of this is very valuable to our company.

Olga Zguskaya
Head of HR, SAP Japan

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