Pilot study shows technology breakthrough for adults in improving spoken fluency in English

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Blue Canoe Learning and Native English Institute (NEI) have completed a three-month study that evaluated Japanese and Russian participants who are working to improve their English. 

By combining a weekly online 1:1 session with an expert NEI teacher with daily 10-minute practices with the Blue Canoe mobile app, study participants significantly improved the comprehensibility of their spoken English in just three months. Both the teachers and the app used the Color Vowel® System, which stimulates the visual, music, and movement parts of the brain to better perceive and produce the sounds of a new language than the regular “language center” of the brain.

Study participants were measured on the comprehensibility of their speech before and after the pilot using two independent methods, and each showed significant improvement and noticeable change. The Blue Canoe Pronunciation Score of study participants, which was measured via machine learning, improved an average of 31 points on a 500-point scale. An NEI evaluator assessed the study participants on a 108-point scale that measured word stress and vowel sound, and their scores increased an average of 7.5 points.

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